Mariner's Aquarium Pics


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These are pictures of my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium, in various stages of development.

The top pic shows the stand and tank shortly after set up. The second picture is a close up of some of the original 45 pounds of live rock (from Marine Depot). The third picture is how the tank looked July 9, 2003, about three months after set-up. I've added an additional 15 to 20 pounds of live rock (from various local suppliers). Since the lighting is low (4 48" fluorescents), I'm trying to develop the look of a "low light reef." To this end, I've added a number of mushroom corals, polyps and xenia (i.e. "soft corals"), all of which may be kept under low to medium lighting. The polyps and xenia seem to prefer to be up higher on the rock, closer to the available light. This tank does not have a sump, so all the macroalgae I've got is in the tank (halimeda, caulerpa, etc.) The fourth pic on this page also shows the right side of the tank, with one of two ocellaris Clownfish near the green fearther caulerpa and pink xenia elongata. The greenish-brown plant in the top left is some sargassum that volunteered to grow on the live rock.

Mariner's 75 gallon tank w/DIY Stand and Hood

Close-up of Live Rock
This LR was received from MarineDepot on 4/4/03

About 3 months after set-up

Royal Gramma and Feather Caulerpa

Clownfish, xenia & caulerpa

Here's a short video clip of my pulsing Xenia elongata and clownfish "in motion."  If you've never seen Xenia pulse, you need to check out this video.

Click here to play xenia video

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