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Mariner's Aquarium Pics
Coral Close-ups

Macro Photos of Mariner's Corals

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This page is contains pics of individual corals, along with genus and species names (if known).  I'll try to add pics to document growth over time.


This Acropora is similar to what is
 commonly called a "Bali slimer." 
It was given to me as a frag
by a fellow reefer.

Sinularia -- "Finger Leather"

This Sinularia was also given to me as a frag.  Although it looks similar to the Acropora, the two corals are vastly different.  Sinularia is a "soft" coral having no rigid skeleton. 

These Zoanthids are growing on a rock near the back wall of the aquarium.

Zoanthids -- "Zoos"

Rhodactis -- "Green Mushrooms"

To the left, large green mushroom corals are growing vertically near some zoanthids and anthelia.
In the pic below, the gramma mugs for the camera near a colony of Zoanthids.


The Favites "Moon Coral" below on the left was rescued from an aquarium shop; it was half dead and covered with algae.  It has made a very nice comeback.
I am unsure whether the "Closed Brain" or "Maze Brain" coral below on the right belongs to the genus Platygrya or Favites, or perhaps another related genus.

Platygyra? -- Closed Brain

Favites -- "Moon Coral"

Both corals below also started out as a very small frags and are now several times their original size.

Pink Sinularia -- "Finger Leather"

Montipora digitata